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seperator.pngWhat are the benefits of installing smart locks?

Smart locks give managers and residents more flexibility and easier control over locks throughout the complex. Smart locks use RFID keys which allow keys to be reassigned, managed remotely, and when one eventually gets lost or stolen; deactivated. Smart locks and keys are programmed. This removes the need to re-key a complex because a resident has lost their physical key. Smart locks are able to hold event logs so that managers can manage access and know who and when they access an area. This solution offers greater flexibility than traditional keys at a a lower cost over time.

seperator.pngWhat is cloud-based access control?

Cloud-based access control is new to the market and allows management of access control systems from a single dashboard online. Cloud-based means that the management dashboard can be accessed from any online device and provide full information on the current operation of a device. Cloud-based control offers the ability to see if gates are opened or closed, how many times it was activated, and more in-depth insights into the operation of the device.


Which InSync RD lock is right for me?

The InSync RD locks are a great option for those looking to replace current smart locks or install a new system on different types of doors. This lock set has everything you need to secure single units all the way to common area doors where hundreds of people will need access. To make it simple, below is the a diagram explaining the naming and which lock works for which uses.   


RD01 (Unit): The RD01 Lock is designed for access to a single unit. This lock can have a single resident code programmed.

RD03 (Suite): The RD03 is designed for suite access. This can handle up to 20 key IDs and is meant to allow multiple people access. 

RD05 (Common): The RD05 is designed for common areas like gyms, pools, and areas where hundreds of people may need to access.