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Key for Business: What is it and why use it?

Key for Business: What is it and why use it?

Posted by The Smart Lock Store on Oct 2nd 2019

Allowing someone, that isn’t an employee, to enter a business after hours can seem like a silly thing to do but it is becoming more popular with new technologies. Amazon has recently begun a program known as Key for Business. This is a new way to receive packages that gets out of the way and lets businesses not worry about not receiving packages. Key for Business allows business owners to grant controlled access to Amazon delivery personnel so property managers no longer worry about getting a package after delivery.

1-Click Authorization and Access

Amazon does a lot of things well and one thing they are good at is account verification and cloud computing. This may seem odd, what does cloud-computing have to do with this? Delivery drivers can be different day to day so Amazon is leveraging their fast, cloud-based services to make sure the person let in, is the person that is authorized and their identity is verified.

Delivery drivers alert when they have arrived through the Amazon application, that is transmitted securely to Amazon’s cloud servers, the person is verified and then given a code to enter the property. This ensures complete visibility for the business into who entered the property and allows Amazon to make sure that it is their person and not some random guy off the street with an Amazon box.

Time-bound Access

Time-bound access is another security feature that comes with Key for Business. This isn’t a static system that allows a delivery person in the same-time every day. Access is only granted between delivery times and is double-checked through the Amazon app if the delivery person is supposed to be there at that time.

This prevents bad actors from infiltrating the system and adds another layer of security to the systems so peace-of-mind can be had by all residents.

Connect Through Existing Access Control System

What makes Key for Business an easy win is that it can work with any existing access control system installed. The problem with new systems today is that they can come with stringent compatibility requirements. Key for Business works with any existing access control system, plugs right in and is good to go. This allows you to monitor the system through what is installed now instead of having to learn a new system.