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3 Reasons Smart Locks Help Retain Residents

3 Reasons Smart Locks Help Retain Residents

Posted by The Smart Lock Store on Sep 3rd 2019


Everyone expects a seamless experience because of companies like Apple and Uber. Experiences are expected to be easy and intuitive and not get in the way. For the longest time, one experience that has been put by the wayside is access control. How do you enter your home? How easy is it to get in if you have lost your key?

Smart locks are taking the access control industry by storm because of their seamless experience for the resident and apartment managers. Smart locks main advantage of creating a seamless experience is the ability to use one key for multiple doors. Looking at the Kaba RD lock set, we can see how these locks create a seamless experience by using different locks for single units, common areas, and suite access without having to use multiple keys. Being able to micro-segment spaces creates a more secure environment but with analog keys, this can be difficult or require the resident to carry multiple keys.

Smart locks allow each key to be programmed to access common area level locks while micro -segmenting single-unit access, all to a single key.


Things are going to go wrong, it’s a matter of life. Keys get lost and people lock themselves all the time and for complex managers, this can be a massive headache for them as well. When keys are lost in a complex without smart locks, locks must be re-keyed and redistributed to all residents in that building. As you can image, this is a headache for everyone.

Smart locks don’t require re-keying or anything that would have to involve anyone other than the apartment manager and the resident that lost their key. Other residents will appreciate this and it will make the process more enjoyable for everyone. If a key is lost, that key can be deactivated from a single dashboard and a new key can be issued with a new code, all from a single computer. This keeps the complex secure from a stolen key and the managers can do their job more efficiently, keeping the residents happy.


Technology has come a long way in how they look. Deploying smart locks not only gives you security and peace of mind but it makes your complex convey a sense of high class. Residents recognize the investment into smart locks and feel confidant that where they live will be secure. This helps the image of the complex and retain and acquire residents easier.